March 4th, 2015 9:53 pm

Holding Maeve Evalyn in Our Arms

Maeve Evalyn McAlister went to heaven at 37 weeks and was born a few days later, on March 4, 2015 at 9:53 pm. At 5 lb, 9 oz and 19 inches, she was perfectly beautiful, Christine’s mini-me, with long fingers and toes and a little button nose.

During her time on earth, she loved bluegrass music, when her dad read to her, visits to the chiropractor, and of course, sweets.

We are so grateful for the support of family, friends, and unexpected strangers who love us and love Maeve as we struggle to come to terms and live with the loss of our daughter.

God has provided incredible comfort through the hands and hearts of our birth team as well as those closest to us. We are grateful to wake up each day knowing that support to get through each moment, one breath at a time, is near. Never has that knowledge been more important or needed.

While there is no medical explanation to be found for Maeve’s passing, we celebrate the life she had and the lives she continues to touch. She will always be part of our family and live in our hearts. Her name means “joy” and though our hearts ache and are broken, we are lifted up by her perfectly pure love each and every day.

Much love,
Christine & Garrett McAlister

“I asked the Lord to give me this child, and He has granted my request. Now I am giving her to the Lord, and she will belong to the Lord her whole life.” 1 Samuel 1:27-28